19 ways to make you feel good about yourself [Feeling Good videos]

Nina Simone’s Feeling Good song is a perfect message, not just for the new year but also for every single new day. Wake up to a new dawn, a new day, a new life everyday. Here are a few feel-good reminders…

My heart is singing to this tune, Feeling Good sung by Nina Simone…

Feeling Good -Nina Simone (Lyrics) uploaded by Adam Howard, on YouTube

Birds flying high,
You know how I feel;
Sun in the sky,
You know how I feel;
Breeze driftin’ on by,
You know how I feel.
It’s a new dawn;
It’s a new day;
It’s a new life
For me…
And I’m feeling good.

Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley, Feeling Good
Feeling good song excerpt by Nina Simone
Mnimi, jumping for joy and feeling good on a bright day at the park - I Call Her Mnimi - AboutMnimi.com
Mnimi, jumping for joy and feeling good on a bright day at the park – I Call Her Mnimi – AboutMnimi.com

Kudos to Bricusse and Newley for producing a well-written song – perfect for this year! Shall we take this message to heart as we journey (together) all throughout this year?

Channel your spirits to being positive and feeling good.

That’s easy to say and a little hard to do… But pause… Think about your family, those who rely upon you or that one person who looks up to you like a hero… How about those people who -or- things that give you inspiration? Think of them / those . . . and then focus on your goal.

Here are a few things to do in order to shake bad things off your system and come back to good life…

Your 19 feel-good checklist:

  1. Dress up nicely. To make sure you come out of your bedroom all nicely groomed and prepped up, prepare your outfit the night before. Leisurely gather all your pieces together and try those on, if you haven’t yet, in front of a mirror. Remember the hashtag: #youlookgoodyoufeelgood.
  2. Write down all your good qualities. I have carvings that say Smile and #beautiful as well as framed messages. It sure is nice to see them on different parts of my home. Isn’t it great to read and be reminded of your own good qualities? #imgood
  3. Write down your weaknesses. You’re not perfect. No one is (not even the self-proclaimed narcissist). Graciously accept that you’re not and move on to doing other things that you are good at. #itsokay
  4. Recognize your uniqueness. Seeing both your good and weak side, remember that those are what make you unique. Those are what make you one of a kind – in other words, #beautiful.
  5. Remember that life is not perfect. If you’re not perfect then so is life. Every soul has his or her own share of disappointment, including the most successful or happiest person. But the latter and so are you know how to #keepitup!
  6. Let life be your bestie. How do you treat your best friend? It’s a love-and-hate relationship, isn’t it? Love – because that person in your life is who you share your life with. Hate – because of familiarity, you’re comfortable to say the nastiest words and vent out your feelings easily. But in the end, you talk about what time you’re lunching tomorrow… In the same sense, vent out and move on. #bestfriendswithlife
  7. Be content with what you have. Don’t be obsessive ’cause you can’t have them all. Remember no. 3? Just accept what you have and make peace with what you can’t have in life. #canlivewithout
  8. Watch your thoughts. It’s what you think that comes out of your mouth and what you say is oftentimes what you do. If you think losing 10 pound is good for you, then you’ll most likely talk about it and you’ll eventually exercise. #positivethinking
  9. Find your strength. For physical strength, exercise and build/rebuild some muscles. (I transfer my heavy porcelain plates in groups from my dishwasher up to the cupboard… What?) I mean, get used to carrying some weights. That should be the same thing for emotional strength, on a non-literal sense. For one, being able to get up in the morning is a start. #innerpower
  10. Face your fear. Everyone dreads something. (Or, don’t pretend you don’t have one or two.) It’s okay to be afraid of something. Sometimes, that’s what puts you to safety – like, scared to drink then drive. But talk about bold moves to get to your goal, your destination. (I’m not talking about Big Bear here!) There are people who faced their scariest life challenges and came out successful. Do the same. #fearless
  11. Keep going. Whatever it is that come your way – whether good or bad – keep moving forward… When I was still at the planning stage of this website, I listened (and still am listening) to podcasts and audiobooks everyday to keep my momentum up. I also keep my Pinterest up for visual inspiration. If not, I probably would have abandoned my goal. #followyourdreams
  12. Take control of your own life. You are the pilot of your own ship. Empower yourself and take control. Steer yourself away from negative vibes and into the path towards fulfilling your goal. #getthere
  13. Trust yourself.  Forget Johari window for a minute. Sometimes, the best person who knows you is yourself.  So, believe in yourself (unless you’re doing the opposite of what we’ve been talking about).  Believe that you can do things.  If you can’t, find a solution or a better alternative. #youcandoit
  14. Be confident. Walk with your head up high. There is nothing to be looking-down-on except if your shoe laces are untied (or there’s a big crack on your track). Seriously, smile and chip up. With all the good things you started from no. 1, there’s nothing to worry about . . . except if you feel broccoli stuck between your teeth. LOL. No, seriously. Let me repeat – #beconfident.
  15. Design your life. Have you heard of lifestyle design? It’s a great concept. In order to bring more value to your life, you create your own lifestyle. For instance, if you like dancing then go find an dance studio. If you like to work at home, then research on how you can do that. #blog
  16. Do good things. Have you heard of that commercial about random act of kindness? That’s another cool concept, too. Well, try it yourself and see how you feel afterwards. #randomactofkindness
  17. Don’t take things personally.  Sometimes, life is a joke and the people around you makes it feel like it, too.  Chances are you are just being overly sensitive so stop it!  Take it easy on yourself. #livelaugh
  18. Love yourself. …is the greatest love of all.🎶 Period. #loveyourself
  19. Make a thank you list. Seeing a list of things to be thankful for – just like writing down your good qualities on no. 2 above – should cause you to realize your worth. Your life has good value. Your life is important (more than that harmless daddy long-legs my hubby spared last night). #thankyounext

New Year’s Day is a good start . . . however, you don’t really have to wait for the end-of-year to improve your life.  Each day is always a good new day to start over even if you have to do it again and again . . . and again.

Michael Bublé – Feeling Good [Official Music Video] by Michael Bublé, on YouTube

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