I call her Mnimi

Mnimi (pronounced as knee-me) is the Greek word for memory after translating “μνήμη” into the modern English alphabet. (1) A variation of mneme, it is related to mnemon – μνημων in Greek alphabet – which means mindful; that is, the origin of mnemonic. (2)

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All my pets had their official names but after I sort of christened them all, strange monikers came out of the mouth from nowhere. I just couldn’t help making other names for those cute little ones that (and who) are dear to me.

My very first pet, a cat 🐱, was named Mimi but I called her A-Mimi-Lee. My most precious dog 🐕 also had a real name but I tagged her as Muhn-ew and La Mute. (She was not disgusting nor mute though but, as a kid, those sounded cute to me. 🤪) Mutes was a bit annoyed with our two adopted little boy puppies – the super playful Chopper, whom I called Chooper Chupie Chomp and Rover, just Rover. (Rover was my exception because he didn’t last long enough for me to naturally create his byname. Sadly, my silky-jet-black-haired Rover was “ran over” by a careless driver.) ✟

Then I had my pure white female mongrel, Paulie, whom I liked addressing her longer version, Pauling Plee-Plee or Plee-plee-dog. Eeruh, with her batlike 🦇 ears, came next and I renamed her Eeruhng Smohg, Doggie-dog-dog and Shmoggie. Shmog, the one I patiently thought how to literally “get your plate” 🥘 , was later joined by Dollar’s offspring, a brown Pomeranian – Shih Tzu. Even if I named her Dolly Yen 💴 , I fondly called her Sugar Snook or Shnook for short (and I didn’t know where that came from).


When my first niece was born, I called her Smoggie, Shnookie and Shmookie. Funny, I remember my dad commenting once about how I called her like a pet… That didn’t last long though because hubby and I moved to the U. S. leaving everyone, including my sad petite Dolly Shnook behind.


Fast forward to motherhood, my daughter was born . . . and my name-calling started again. Pia had quite a long list of nicknames – all of which she knew from her earliest memory.

My daughter is My Sophia plus other numerous names you may not relate. She is also my Sunshine (on a cloudy day 🎶), my baby bird 🐦 and for some reason, I also started calling her My Nimi or Ma Nimi.


So this website, About Mnimi, is dedicated to My Sophia and I will write on it while my memory lasts . . . . (not to say that I might one day lose my cognitive function when I am 80 like my great grandma)…

This is dear to me and so I call her Mnimi.

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