About Mnimi

I took my power cable one night and as I slowly clicked it to my MacBook Pro πŸ’», I remembered a comment about it. This girl was so amazed how Apple 🍏 made it magnetic and I seconded the genius invention.

It was on that same night when I also marveled at a memory ⚑️ and how it effects one little, sometimes trivial, thing into a domino effect in the mind. I looked it up on YouTube πŸ“Ί and found an hour-long documentary.

A mystery, it is…


Memory, although a bit broad I thought, would be a great niche for me to write πŸ“. Since I can not, for some reason, stick into one single subject, the scope of recollection and forgetting might make me.

I like to write and share holidays, quotes and photography πŸ“· – all unlimited topics. It is rather hard to specifically point out who my audience is or will be, I know. But for sure, as I aggregate those mixed ideas into one cohesive genre, I will meet “my tribe” in the process. After all, everything we do and share – whether events, sayings and photo stories – is about making ⚑️ memories.


But all good memory-related domain names were taken and I was 3 days away from launching my website…

Sometime in August 2018, I eagerly started searching names but gave up in frustration about a month later. After three more months, on December 28th, I realized my own deadline is near! So I racked my brain 🧠 that morning – had oodles of words, a plate of synonyms and three gulps of Kombucha for breakfast. From English – memory, remembrance, etc. – to Latin – memoriae and memoria – and finally Greek. This one sounds dear to me because I call her Mnimi… πŸ‘§πŸ½

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