19 ways to make you feel good about yourself [Feeling Good videos]

Nina Simone’s Feeling Good song is a perfect message, not just for the new year but also for every single new day. Wake up to a new dawn, a new day, a new life everyday. Here are a few feel-good reminders…

My heart is singing to this tune, Feeling Good sung by Nina Simone…

Feeling Good -Nina Simone (Lyrics) uploaded by Adam Howard, on YouTube

Birds flying high,
You know how I feel;
Sun in the sky,
You know how I feel;
Breeze driftin’ on by,
You know how I feel.
It’s a new dawn;
It’s a new day;
It’s a new life
For me…
And I’m feeling good.

Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley, Feeling Good
Feeling good song excerpt by Nina Simone
Mnimi, jumping for joy and feeling good on a bright day at the park - I Call Her Mnimi - AboutMnimi.com
Mnimi, jumping for joy and feeling good on a bright day at the park – I Call Her Mnimi – AboutMnimi.com

Kudos to Bricusse and Newley for producing a well-written song – perfect for this year! Shall we take this message to heart as we journey (together) all throughout this year?

Channel your spirits to being positive and feeling good.

That’s easy to say and a little hard to do… But pause… Think about your family, those who rely upon you or that one person who looks up to you like a hero… How about those people who -or- things that give you inspiration? Think of them / those . . . and then focus on your goal.

Here are a few things to do in order to shake bad things off your system and come back to good life…

Your 19 feel-good checklist:

  1. Dress up nicely. To make sure you come out of your bedroom all nicely groomed and prepped up, prepare your outfit the night before. Leisurely gather all your pieces together and try those on, if you haven’t yet, in front of a mirror. Remember the hashtag: #youlookgoodyoufeelgood.
  2. Write down all your good qualities. I have carvings that say Smile and #beautiful as well as framed messages. It sure is nice to see them on different parts of my home. Isn’t it great to read and be reminded of your own good qualities? #imgood
  3. Write down your weaknesses. You’re not perfect. No one is (not even the self-proclaimed narcissist). Graciously accept that you’re not and move on to doing other things that you are good at. #itsokay
  4. Recognize your uniqueness. Seeing both your good and weak side, remember that those are what make you unique. Those are what make you one of a kind – in other words, #beautiful.
  5. Remember that life is not perfect. If you’re not perfect then so is life. Every soul has his or her own share of disappointment, including the most successful or happiest person. But the latter and so are you know how to #keepitup!
  6. Let life be your bestie. How do you treat your best friend? It’s a love-and-hate relationship, isn’t it? Love – because that person in your life is who you share your life with. Hate – because of familiarity, you’re comfortable to say the nastiest words and vent out your feelings easily. But in the end, you talk about what time you’re lunching tomorrow… In the same sense, vent out and move on. #bestfriendswithlife
  7. Be content with what you have. Don’t be obsessive ’cause you can’t have them all. Remember no. 3? Just accept what you have and make peace with what you can’t have in life. #canlivewithout
  8. Watch your thoughts. It’s what you think that comes out of your mouth and what you say is oftentimes what you do. If you think losing 10 pound is good for you, then you’ll most likely talk about it and you’ll eventually exercise. #positivethinking
  9. Find your strength. For physical strength, exercise and build/rebuild some muscles. (I transfer my heavy porcelain plates in groups from my dishwasher up to the cupboard… What?) I mean, get used to carrying some weights. That should be the same thing for emotional strength, on a non-literal sense. For one, being able to get up in the morning is a start. #innerpower
  10. Face your fear. Everyone dreads something. (Or, don’t pretend you don’t have one or two.) It’s okay to be afraid of something. Sometimes, that’s what puts you to safety – like, scared to drink then drive. But talk about bold moves to get to your goal, your destination. (I’m not talking about Big Bear here!) There are people who faced their scariest life challenges and came out successful. Do the same. #fearless
  11. Keep going. Whatever it is that come your way – whether good or bad – keep moving forward… When I was still at the planning stage of this website, I listened (and still am listening) to podcasts and audiobooks everyday to keep my momentum up. I also keep my Pinterest up for visual inspiration. If not, I probably would have abandoned my goal. #followyourdreams
  12. Take control of your own life. You are the pilot of your own ship. Empower yourself and take control. Steer yourself away from negative vibes and into the path towards fulfilling your goal. #getthere
  13. Trust yourself.  Forget Johari window for a minute. Sometimes, the best person who knows you is yourself.  So, believe in yourself (unless you’re doing the opposite of what we’ve been talking about).  Believe that you can do things.  If you can’t, find a solution or a better alternative. #youcandoit
  14. Be confident. Walk with your head up high. There is nothing to be looking-down-on except if your shoe laces are untied (or there’s a big crack on your track). Seriously, smile and chip up. With all the good things you started from no. 1, there’s nothing to worry about . . . except if you feel broccoli stuck between your teeth. LOL. No, seriously. Let me repeat – #beconfident.
  15. Design your life. Have you heard of lifestyle design? It’s a great concept. In order to bring more value to your life, you create your own lifestyle. For instance, if you like dancing then go find an dance studio. If you like to work at home, then research on how you can do that. #blog
  16. Do good things. Have you heard of that commercial about random act of kindness? That’s another cool concept, too. Well, try it yourself and see how you feel afterwards. #randomactofkindness
  17. Don’t take things personally.  Sometimes, life is a joke and the people around you makes it feel like it, too.  Chances are you are just being overly sensitive so stop it!  Take it easy on yourself. #livelaugh
  18. Love yourself. …is the greatest love of all.🎶 Period. #loveyourself
  19. Make a thank you list. Seeing a list of things to be thankful for – just like writing down your good qualities on no. 2 above – should cause you to realize your worth. Your life has good value. Your life is important (more than that harmless daddy long-legs my hubby spared last night). #thankyounext

New Year’s Day is a good start . . . however, you don’t really have to wait for the end-of-year to improve your life.  Each day is always a good new day to start over even if you have to do it again and again . . . and again.

Michael Bublé – Feeling Good [Official Music Video] by Michael Bublé, on YouTube

Opening the New Year chapter

Officially starting the new year with an Edith Lovejoy Pierce quote, your opportunity book has blank pages for you to fill in. Yes, opportunities are there waiting for you to take. Anything you may have done wrongly in the past is a lesson. Today and going forward, you will get better!

Happy New Year 🎊, friends!!! I just can’t wait for the end of this write-up to say that.

I am also “officially” starting my year 2020 today with a quote by Edith Lovejoy Pierce below. It’s for you, too . . . as that is just perfect for day one of “our” 365 journey (together?). 😁

We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.

Edith Lovejoy Pierce quote | I Call Her Mnimi | AboutMnimi.com

The blank pages represent all the opportunities that you are yet to take – to start over and make things a whole lot better – this year. You may have done some stupid things in the past and that’s alright. It is done and gone. It’s your lesson and hopefully, you learned. Today and going forward, you’ll make up for those . . . and you will get better!

For the obsessive-compulsive, like me, I mark today, January 1st, 2020, as that day. 👊 Haha.

Little girl, Mnimi, drawing on her book of opportunity for the new year - a red and blue house under a yellow sun which symbolizes a happy home - I Call Her Mnimi - www.AboutMnimi.com
Inside her Opportunity Book, little Mnimi draws a colorful house on a sunny day – her representation of a happy home.
I Call Her Mnimi | http://www.AboutMnimi.com


Speaking of the new year, I would have loved to start it by going to the 2020 Tournament of Roses Parade but I let myself stuck on this blog instead, which I love, too!

Tournament of Roses Parade

2018 Full Rose Parade uploaded by TheeWolfGirl13, on YouTube

For those of you who don’t know what 🌹Rose Parade is, it’s the annual parade of marching bands, equestrians and fabulous floats covered with fresh roses and other flowers 💐. It is a tradition during New Year’s Day in Southern California (unless it falls on a Sunday, then it will be moved on January 2nd).

Every year, in Pasadena, California, this flower-filled event follows a theme.  Today is about The Melody of Life and I can only imagine flowery musical floats. We’ll check out the actuals later on…

If you have already executed your first-of-the-year plan today, good for you!  For the Rose Parade fans who have settled on your best viewing spots, high five!✋🏽 But for those of you who were not able to purchase tickets, you can see the after-parade showcase for a fraction of the cost.💵


Also, if you are like me who is always on the look-out for some local events, below is a list for January, February and March that you can put on your calendars in advance.  Cheers! 🥂

When and when not to drink water a day

When we breathe, perspire and pass urine, we lose liquid in our bodies.  If we begin to lose about 2% of water, we become thirsty – the signal that tells us it is time to hydrate. Here is a schedule that will help you remember to drink water everyday.

Water is life.  Such a commonplace statement and so true.  We clean with it, cook with it, work with it, etc.  Without water, our brains and entire bodily system will not function.  Since our adult bodies are composed of 55-60% water, it is basic to replenish the bodily fluids we lose everyday.

Water is the driving force of all nature.

Leonardo da Vinci

Aside from Da Vinci’s statement about water being the driving force, science also defines water as the primary building block of cells.  It aids in swallowing and digesting food.  It also regulates internal body temperature, helps lubricate the joints, carries nutrients within our bodies and maintains good cognitive functions, such as attention and *memory*.

In addition to the above processes, when we breathe, perspire and pass urine, we lose liquid from our bodies as well.  If we begin to lose about 2% internal water, we become thirsty or, in extreme cases, get dehydrated.

Water dehydration

What would happen if you didn’t drink water? – Mia Nacamulli by TED-Ed, on YouTube

Drinking water is like washing out your insides.  The water will cleanse the system, fill you up, decrease your caloric load and improve the function of all your tissues.

Kevin R. Stone

Water replenishment

We have 24 hours a day, with 8 hours devoted to sleep.  That leaves us with 16 hours to hydrate with potable water.  Divide 16 hours by 2 and we get 8.  That means we need to drink ever 2 hours, right?

I always have water, tons of water.  It’s even in my bathroom because I used to be so bad at drinking water, and I want to stay hydrated.

Selena Gomez

If you are like me (and Selena Gomez) who forgets to drink eight daily glasses of water (or could not even drink a half glass of water right after meal), you can try my personal drink-water-a-day program (in lieu of any mobile phone drink-water-reminder app).

  1. Drink water after waking up in the morning.  I rise up at 6am.
  2. Drink water (30 minutes***) after eating breakfast (or maybe between 7 to 9 for you?).
  3. Drink water around 10am or 2 hours after your last hydration.
  4. Drink water (30 minutes***) after lunch.  Your food recharge could be 12 noon or 1pm.
  5. Drink water around 2pm or during your coffee, err, water break.
  6. Drink water at 4pm or maybe after your bathroom break.
  7. Drink water at 6pm or (30 minutes***) after your dinner.
  8. Drink water at 8pm or 2 hours before (not right before) you sleep.

The above is a schedule “I try” to do and I hope it kinda gives you an idea.  You can be more creative on your own day-to-day routine.  If you can drink 2 glasses at a time, good for you then!  (That may also mean lesser bathroom breaks. 😆)

Also, please note that water is not only consumed by just merely drinking it.  Some of the food we eat already contain water.  Celery, strawberry, cucumber and even broccoli, to name a few, will help replenish lost bodily fluids while supplementing fiber and nutrients.  Water is also in the rice or noodle soup you had during lunchtime (which means I don’t have to feel bad if I was only able to drink 1/4 glass of my water 😀).

Water intoxication

Before you start watching BRIGHT SIDE’s video below, I’d like to point this out…

***Some, including BRIGHT SIDE, say drinking water right after meals is not good because it dilutes the digestive juices necessary to break down food.  Dr. Michael Picco contradicts this, via Mayo Clinic, saying water does not interfere with digestion.  In fact, it aids in absorbing nutrients.

I am yet to find clinical studies and scientific evidences to explain the biological truth about drinking water right after meals.  But for now, I’ll stick to drinking at least 30 minutes after eating breakfast, lunch and dinner.***

9 Situations When You Really Shouldn’t drink Water by BRIGHT SIDE, on YouTube


Optimal hydration or getting the right amount of water is proven to be effective in keeping your body, mind and *memory* healthy.  On the other hand, over-hydration will cause more harm.

Like they say, too much of a good thing is bad.  So, just be cautious of your own body.  If you thirst, then that is the signal you already lost 2% of your bodily fluid.  Let’s drink to that! 🍹

(1) Helmenstine, Anne Marie, Ph.D., How Much of Your Body Is Water?, September 28, 2018, https://www.thoughtco.com/how-much-of-your-body-is-water-609406
(2) Pico, Michael F., M.D., Does drinking water during or after a meal disturb digestion?, May 3, 2018, https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/nutrition-and-healthy-eating/expert-answers/digestion/faq-20058348

4 quick sleep tips per Dr. Amen

These are 4 things I recall from Dr. Amen’s audiobook…

  • Refrain from drinking coffee or any caffeinated drinks (or food) after 1pm.
  • About an hour before sleep, dim the lights if possible or stay in a dark room to prepare yourself for snoozing.
  • Only go to bed when you are drowsy.  Otherwise, get up and do something relaxing until you feel your eyes heavy.
  • Keep a consistent sleep-wake cycle as much as possible, even during the weekends or non-working days.

Are you getting enough sleep?

I have to share this one, too, as I’m not getting enough sleep . . . including last night… 😴


Woman awake in bed looking fed up as she cannot get to sleep

According to the Sleep Council one third of us in the UK sleep for just five to six hours per night. It’s generally accepted, and has been well-researched over many years, that the body needs more sleep than this, ideally around seven or eight hours each night. 

SMALLER--4 Suzie Blog pic

So, what’s going wrong and why are we generally so sleep deprived?

Clinical nutritionist Suzie Sawyer takes a closer look at why our shut-eye is so important and shares some tips on how to get more.

Why is sleep so essential?

It’s no secret that the body repairs and re-generates during sleep. It’s also a time of growth as specific growth hormones are released during the night. However, when sleep is problematic, the body and brain are fatigued and it becomes increasingly difficult to function effectively.

The body’s sleep hormone, melatonin, is naturally released during the hours of darkness. This is likely to…

View original post 683 more words

We want better sleep but struggle to get it – 5 tips to help

Gotta reblog this! Worth re-reading…

Happy World Sleep Day!

Zenergy Active


Today is World Sleep Day: according to the World Sleep Society’s global survey 35% of people feel they don’t get enough sleep, impacting both their physical and mental health. ‘There is a growing understanding that lack of sleep is linked to high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes and we’re more prone to infections after a period of reduced sleep’ according to Public Health England.

Breathing, relaxing, stretching, calming the mind and the body are all great ways to improve your chances of a great night’s sleep.  Sounds so simple yet finding time to do it is far more challenging.

That’s why I created my Zen Pilates concept – to enable busy people who are struggling to make time for themselves to be able to outsource their self-care. The Zen class also transforms gentle relaxation from a task into a mini spa style treat.

In Zen Pilates we first unfurl…

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7 healthy ways to start your new year right

Starting your morning right may set the tone of your day. From putting your bed in order to prepping yourself up, it’s like you already put your day in order, too. Here are five more ways to a daily feel-good vibe…

A happy new year vibe starts by getting into a good morning habit. Below are merely reminders to make your 2019 a whole lot better.


Today, December 31st, is the last day of the year. Goodbye, 2018 👋. I would say, “What a journey! I hope it’s been wonderful for you.”

Tonight, New Year’s Eve, be prepared for the beginning of a new dawn as it unfolds into a new day. You will be writing your personal journey books 📚 once again…

  • How should you start a chapter?
  • How about if we write together?

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.

Brad Paisley

So, let me tell you my plan and maybe you can join me… I will begin the upcoming day with an inspiring thought 💭 and do my best to keep it going. I will creatively write my first page – 1 of 365 – in such a way that moves and relates to someone. It would be nice to touch many and one of them could be . . . you 👈🏼. So for you (or us), I will fill these pages with awesome ideas so no worries would ever come into our senses. Sounds good? I would also love to hear your thoughts.

“I will creatively write my first page – 1 of 365 – in such a way that moves and relates to someone. It would be nice to touch many and one of them could be . . . you.”

lancelonie quote

In doing the above, it would be great to have a nice routine in the morning. Don’t you think 🤔 starting our day bright and early will create a good vibe? If you think so, then let’s remember these:

7 ways to start your day right

  1. Wake up early. This means going to bed early the night before just so you get enough sleep 😴 and get fully energized the next morning. This also means there will never be a morning rush moment. Getting up early allows you to move calmly or leisurely at home and on your way to whatever destination.

  2. Make your bed. Because you beat the alarm clock ⏰, you may still have time to tidy up your bed before heading out the door. It sure feels good to leave your bedroom seeing all sheets and pillows in order . . . like you have already put your day in order, too.

  3. Dress up and groom. Now, there is definitely enough time to make yourself look neat and polished. Putting yourself together well, even if there is no meeting nor special event, adds up to the feel-good vibe. You not only dress to impress others; but most importantly, yourself. So, ready for another selfie? 😍

  4. Eat breakfast. Your breakfast should not be just cereal as it may be sugary. Opt for fresh fruits 🍎🍌 , lean meat and whole grains. This important meal of the day should not be skipped as studies show a good breakfast links to good health. Good health equals good life!

  5. Drink water. You have slept for hours and it is about time to hydrate when you wake up. That just makes sense. Drink it warm to flush out build-up toxins. Better yet, squeeze in lemon 🍋 as sourness, in lieu of caffein, sure wakes up the senses.

  6. Read something positive. Reading words of wisdom, positive quotes or anything that may spark ⚡️ inspiration first thing in the morning is healthy. This may also set the tone for your entire day. Check out Aristotle’s quote below…

  7. Smile. Even if you are just smiling at yourself in the mirror or a selfie camera, good. This is a positive attitude that reflects outwardly and infects anyone in your path. How about updating your social media profiles with new pearly-white portraits? 😁

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


I hope the above ideas 💡 are not those would-be-neglected-soon new year’s resolution. These are rather simple suggestions that will definitely improve the quality of your life this coming year.

Of course, after new year’s eve, you may be recovering from the stroke-of-midnight celebration. If still sleepy 💤, that is totally fine. You still have the day after January 1st and the next and then the next . . . to finally commit to your daily habit.

If you can beat drowsiness because you are so compelled to start your new year’s day as planned, great! But definitely not to the expense of risk-driving please. Stay at home or on bed because it is an official holiday anyway. If you really need to go places 🚙 in the morning, get Lyft, Uber or a friend.

So, reiterating…
Today is the last day of the year. Tonight is New Year’s Eve. Tomorrow is New Year’s Day – the start of something better.

Have a blast! Have a Happy New Year, friend!!! 🎉

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