4 quick sleep tips per Dr. Amen

These are 4 things I recall from Dr. Amen’s audiobook…

  • Refrain from drinking coffee or any caffeinated drinks (or food) after 1pm.
  • About an hour before sleep, dim the lights if possible or stay in a dark room to prepare yourself for snoozing.
  • Only go to bed when you are drowsy.  Otherwise, get up and do something relaxing until you feel your eyes heavy.
  • Keep a consistent sleep-wake cycle as much as possible, even during the weekends or non-working days.


14 sleep tips from Dr. Weil

I’ll take these tips to my heart! Thanks!

Health Hot Spot

  1. 1-2 hours before bed, turn off all blue light-emitting devices.  Melatonin regulates your sleep, and blue light from your electronic devices suppresses melatonin production.
  2. Charge your phone in another room to avoid the temptation to check it at night.
  3. Stop eating a few hours before bedtime.  Digestion can interrupt sleep.
  4. Take an after-dinner walk.
  5. Use lavender oil (relaxes you for sleep) or lemon balm oil (reduces restlessness and anxiety) in a warm bath or diffuser.
  6. Buy a supportive mattress and a comfortable pillow/sheets.
  7. Keep your bedroom temperature cool.
  8. Buy blackout curtains for your windows.
  9. Keep your room environment quiet.  A white noise or pink noise generator can help.
  10. Do a breathing exercise/meditation to help calm your thoughts.
  11. Reduce your caffeine intake, especially after 12:00 p.m.
  12. Get outside in the morning to expose yourself to the morning light.  Morning light increases quality sleep and lowers feelings of stress.
  13. Exercise. Exercising could…

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How to improve your short-term memory

Short-term memory includes remembering a new name and series of cards, as well as where you put down your keys. Experts say it’s not that you’re forgetful. It’s just that you need to focus more. The brain should be properly trained for this.

Hi!  My name is Mnimi.  What’s yours?  Nice to meet you, _______!

Short-term memory includes recalling faces and their associated names.  It may probably sound easy for some but for most of us, it’s not.  I have heard many slightly embarrassing stories about forgetting one single name of a person who was just introduced to you in less than a minute ago… ⏱

Uh…  Pardon me.  What’s your name again?  …friend?

It’s really not that difficult if you just pay close attention. (“Sure” while you roll your eyes 👀) Some experts say it’s not that you can’t remember.  It’s just that you didn’t focus as much and that your brain is not “properly trained” on even the simplest short-term memory of where you put down your reading glasses 👓 . . . For.The.3rd.Time.Now…

Oh, it’s on my head.  Duh!

3 tips to remember names

According to Ron White, there are things to consider when remembering a person’s name. Let’s watch how this 2-time memory champion astonish us with his face-name and playing-card recall skills below…

Brain Games- Short Term Memory Tricks uploaded by Professor Ross, on YouTube
  • Focus on getting the person’s name.
    1. Predispose yourself to getting the person’s name by repeatedly asking yourself, “What is your name?”
  • Have pre-determine interest on that person’s name.
    1. When you’re interested on something, your natural tendency is to learn it. Similarly, if you make that new person particularly intriguing, you may want to learn more of him/her during your first meeting. Thus, you’ll remember the name.
  • Match the name to the owner’s feature.
    1. There should be a unique or distinctive feature on that person’s face that will make you remember. So, instead of asking yourself what that person’s name was, picture what stood out from his/her features.
    2. Examples: Iris might have pretty purple eyes while Barry might have a cool baritone voice.

4 tips to remember cards

  • Chunk the cards into 3 so you only need to remember 17 plus 1 left-over, out of a deck of 52 cards.
  • Use the PAO Method – person, action, object
    1. When you chunk the cards, you ‘assign’ the first card a name, 2nd, what that person is doing and 3rd, with what object.
    2. Examples: Card1 = King of Hearts = your husband or partner (person); Card2 = driving (action); Card3 = car (object).  This will make 3 cards into one image.
  • Use a memory palace.
  • Practice. Practice. Practice.

7 healthy ways to start your new year right

Starting your morning right may set the tone of your day. From putting your bed in order to prepping yourself up, it’s like you already put your day in order, too. Here are five more ways to a daily feel-good vibe…

A happy new year vibe starts by getting into a good morning habit. Below are merely reminders to make your 2019 a whole lot better.


Today, December 31st, is the last day of the year. Goodbye, 2018 👋. I would say, “What a journey! I hope it’s been wonderful for you.”

Tonight, New Year’s Eve, be prepared for the beginning of a new dawn as it unfolds into a new day. You will be writing your personal journey books 📚 once again…

  • How should you start a chapter?
  • How about if we write together?

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.

Brad Paisley

So, let me tell you my plan and maybe you can join me… I will begin the upcoming day with an inspiring thought 💭 and do my best to keep it going. I will creatively write my first page – 1 of 365 – in such a way that moves and relates to someone. It would be nice to touch many and one of them could be . . . you 👈🏼. So for you (or us), I will fill these pages with awesome ideas so no worries would ever come into our senses. Sounds good? I would also love to hear your thoughts.

“I will creatively write my first page – 1 of 365 – in such a way that moves and relates to someone. It would be nice to touch many and one of them could be . . . you.”

lancelonie quote

In doing the above, it would be great to have a nice routine in the morning. Don’t you think 🤔 starting our day bright and early will create a good vibe? If you think so, then let’s remember these:

7 ways to start your day right

  1. Wake up early. This means going to bed early the night before just so you get enough sleep 😴 and get fully energized the next morning. This also means there will never be a morning rush moment. Getting up early allows you to move calmly or leisurely at home and on your way to whatever destination.

  2. Make your bed. Because you beat the alarm clock ⏰, you may still have time to tidy up your bed before heading out the door. It sure feels good to leave your bedroom seeing all sheets and pillows in order . . . like you have already put your day in order, too.

  3. Dress up and groom. Now, there is definitely enough time to make yourself look neat and polished. Putting yourself together well, even if there is no meeting nor special event, adds up to the feel-good vibe. You not only dress to impress others; but most importantly, yourself. So, ready for another selfie? 😍

  4. Eat breakfast. Your breakfast should not be just cereal as it may be sugary. Opt for fresh fruits 🍎🍌 , lean meat and whole grains. This important meal of the day should not be skipped as studies show a good breakfast links to good health. Good health equals good life!

  5. Drink water. You have slept for hours and it is about time to hydrate when you wake up. That just makes sense. Drink it warm to flush out build-up toxins. Better yet, squeeze in lemon 🍋 as sourness, in lieu of caffein, sure wakes up the senses.

  6. Read something positive. Reading words of wisdom, positive quotes or anything that may spark ⚡️ inspiration first thing in the morning is healthy. This may also set the tone for your entire day. Check out Aristotle’s quote below…

  7. Smile. Even if you are just smiling at yourself in the mirror or a selfie camera, good. This is a positive attitude that reflects outwardly and infects anyone in your path. How about updating your social media profiles with new pearly-white portraits? 😁

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


I hope the above ideas 💡 are not those would-be-neglected-soon new year’s resolution. These are rather simple suggestions that will definitely improve the quality of your life this coming year.

Of course, after new year’s eve, you may be recovering from the stroke-of-midnight celebration. If still sleepy 💤, that is totally fine. You still have the day after January 1st and the next and then the next . . . to finally commit to your daily habit.

If you can beat drowsiness because you are so compelled to start your new year’s day as planned, great! But definitely not to the expense of risk-driving please. Stay at home or on bed because it is an official holiday anyway. If you really need to go places 🚙 in the morning, get Lyft, Uber or a friend.

So, reiterating…
Today is the last day of the year. Tonight is New Year’s Eve. Tomorrow is New Year’s Day – the start of something better.

Have a blast! Have a Happy New Year, friend!!! 🎉

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