New Year’s resolution a musical instrument

A New Year’s resolution is like learning a musical instrument. You start excited but sometimes end up realizing how difficult it is. The time comes when you decide whether to continue or not… If you choose to pursue and reach your goal, it will result to a life changing moment.

Behold! 🎺 A new day and a new year beckons. Yet another list of neglected resurrected resolutions are again in vogue.  Oftentimes, however, our first-of the-year list of to-dos is merely an ideal. Like sort of a fleeting fashion statement, the perfect model glides down the catwalk and then loses her high-heel 👠 balance. She falls off the edge even before January ends.

We have come to a point where pronouncing or showing off our resolutions seems enough. Enough to Pinterest or share with our little social-media-based world 🌎.  Enough to just say, “my new year resolution” with hashtags, #newyear and #selfie, on our Facebook, Instagram and other profiles.  Whether it catches on like a craze ⚡️or totally disappears like a failed trend, it is irrelevant.

A New Year’s resolution is much like learning a musical instrument.🎸 There is a period of initial zeal and excitement as it is a personal challenge.  Then comes the moment of reality about how difficult the task is to follow every note. 🎵  You began to reach the crossroads – of whether to continue or not, to keep that instrument close to your heart ❤️ or retire it to some nameless corner.   

But to persevere with time 🕰 then later produce beautiful melodies 🎶 once you mastered that musical instrument 🎹 is just like pursuing and fulfilling your new year’s resolution.  It results into a life changing moment of accomplishment filled with beauty and happiness.😃

To persevere with time then later produce beautiful melodies once you mastered that musical instrument is just like pursuing and fulfilling your new year’s resolution. It results into a life changing moment of accomplishment filled with beauty and happiness.


Instead of saying there is always next year, make it happen this year!

LanceLonie 💕


Valentine’s Day: open for business

Holidays are what they are today mostly because of the economic benefits they bring to big businesses. For any financial gain to be made, it is only wise to take advantage of these situations. 


Any holiday or special day is a mere celebration of some sort . . . but sometimes with an aura of something mystical . . . delightfully enchanting.

Christmas 🎄 is a season of giving; Thanksgiving 🍗 is a time of gratefulness; and Independence Day 💥 is the spirit of freedom, pride and patriotism. Even some non-official or totally odd holidays are being integrated into our subconscious. Take Spouse’s Day or Cheeeselover’s Day as an example. I can even sell Mnimi t-shirts and market a day for Wear Your Mnimi Shirt Day or something. Ha.

But anyway…


There seems to be one special day that appeals to our most basic instinct – that of being wanted and to want. Valentine’s Day.

The day of hearts is arguably the easiest holiday to promote. It’s also the easiest day to relate or deny. I mean, who doesn’t want to be loved, to love . . . or to be beloved?

So, bring it on Cupid! Flowers.💐 Chocolates.🍫. Restaurants.🍷 Red, pink, heart-shaped whatevers.💕. Just don’t get lost in all the business side of it. As the Beatles sang it: “Money can’t buy me love.”

It won’t hurt to give that single red rose 🌹 though. Its thorn will.

Valentine’s Day: Buyer Beware.

A happy Valentine’s Day greeting card
Happy Valentine!
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