10 Things you didn’t know about smell

10 Things You May Not Know About Smell by geobeats, on YouTube
  1. The sense of smell is the first second to develop (contrary to geobeats) along with taste.  While still inside the mother’s womb, a baby can already feel by touch around 8 weeks of gestation.  By 14 weeks, taste and smell begin to develop.  Notice how they are drawn to the scent of their mother and her breast milk during birth. (1)
  2. If this is the first to develop, it is also the first to deteriorate.  Researchers believe that a diminished smelling ability may mean imminent death.
  3. Cockroaches clean their antennas every time in order to stay sharp at sniffing.
  4. “Our noses can pinpoint smell in outer space” – which smell like gun powder.
  5. Women are said to smell better than men.
  6. “Dreams can be aromatic.”  It is said that our olfactory bulbs are highly developed during sleep.
  7. Babies and toddlers are more smell-adventurous.
  8. An elephant’s truck is 5 times more powerful than dogs, rats and humans.
  9. Humans can sense a trillion different scents.
  10. “The smell of new born babies is like a drug.”  It “triggers the same reward centers as drugs.”


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