The month of February

February is the 2nd month of the year that has either 28 or 29 days. Its birthstone is Amethyst and its birth flowers are violet and primrose. When there are 29 days or when it is leap year, a worldwide festival is held in Anthony, the leap year capital of the world.

February is the second month of the year. It has 28 days but 29 days every 4 years during leap year.

The Februarian birthstone is Amethyst, a purple quartz, that was believed to protect the wearer from drunkenness. (1) Following suit with the color of this gemstone, the birth flower is surprisingly violet (not even close to the fiery love-month red). Violets symbolize faithfulness and so to give this bloom to someone is to show your loyalty to that person (which now correlates to love). Primrose, a colorful perennial that is not related to a rose, is also February’s birth flower. (2)

How do you know it is the 4th-year leap year?

Simple. If you can divide that year by 4, then it is a leap year.

Leap year capital of the world

Anthony, a small town between New Mexico and Texas, is the Leap Year Capital of the World. This began when Mary Ann Brown, born in leap year 1932, and fellow leap-year born, Birdie Lewis, proposed the idea of celebrating “Leapies” birthdays to the town’s Chamber of Commerce on February 1, 1988 – Leap Year Festival and Leap Year Birthday Club. From the NM-TX borderline town’s old name, “The Best Little Town in Two States”, it has been proclaimed the Leap Year Capital of the World. Drawing in only 9 leap-year celebrators on the first year of proclamation to a few thousands on the next 2-day festival. (3)

“I always thought that Leap Year Day should have more recognition . . . It just came to me that it would be a good theme for the Chamber of Commerce to use—and we’d only have to work hard once every four years.”

Mary Ann Brown, American Profile (3)

This worldwide leap year festivities are packed with fun-filled events, such as 10K race, chuck wagon breakfast, hot air balloon launch, craft show, carnival, hayrides, golf tournament, concerts, parade and the ultimate birthday party for those February “29ers”. (3)

“When you only get one birthday every four years, you want to make it special . . . Here in Anthony, we try to do everything we can think of to entertain the people who come to the festival.”

Mary Ann Brown, American Profile (3)

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