11 brain-worthy facts about memory [video]

Memory, an interesting topic in psychology and neuroscience, is continually being explored through brain-related studies. Here are 11 fascinating things about it…

Memory is one of the most fascinating topics in Psychology and neuroscience. There are many cognitive experiments that studied the brain – its function and capacity – in order to protect it from deterioration or memory loss.

Here are 11 interesting things to know about the human memory.

  1. Memory is the key ingredient to learning – the mental library of information.
  2. In Psychology, memory is the process of obtaining information through the 3 memory stages.
  3. The memory system consists of 3 components according to the modal model of Atkinson-Shiffrin.
  4. The 3 types of memory are sensory, short-term and long-term, which are further grouped into subcategories.
  5. Sensory memory is the “shortest” term memory.
  6. Short-term memory is what the mind is currently thinking.
  7. Working memory (WM) is what the mind is currently “manipulating”.
  8. WM is further categorized into 3 to 8 components as proposed by the Baddeley-Hitch 3-part model of working memory.
  9. Long-term memory (LTM) is the limitless holding capacity of the brain.
  10. LTM is processed through memory consolidation.
  11. The part of the brain responsible for LTM is the hippocampus.
Memory: Crash Course Study Skills #3 by CrashCourse, on YouTube

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