The life of a New Year’s resolution (7/7)

You should make your New Year’s resolution happen this year instead of procrastinating. How about if we examine its funny lifespan…

Young Mnimi girl, with a big white polka-dot-over-red bow headband, a matching skirt and an accomplished smile, holding her mini guitar

A New Year’s resolution seems to have a lifespan of its own. Just like fire, it begins with a spark then it burns and later dies out. There’s always a start and a finish line. But would it be nice if you could reach the end that is actually your goal?

Let’s take a look at this funny thing we hashtag –



  • On or before January 1st, you declare your New Year’s resolution.

Okay, I’ll exercise to lose 20 pounds. I have 3 jeans I’d like to fit into.


  • Mid-month, you work towards achieving your goal.

I’m going to wake up early on weekends so I can run a mile or so.


  • Third week, your excitement wanes down a bit.

That trail seems steep and it’s killing my legs.


  • By the end of the month, you push your plans for next year.

Hey, I lost 2 pounds already. I’m all good for now… This calls for a cheesecake celebration.

Grow up, kid!

My mother, I remember, had a term for this in Tagalog – “sawsaw-patis” (sao, as in Sao Palo + pa-tease, with an accent on each 2nd syllable). She always called me that roll eyes 🙄 when I was a kid because I made some eager start-ups that never finished – piano 🎹 lessons at level IV, karate classes for 1-2 days only, stenography lessons halfway through the book, Spanish with molded dog ears, etc…

But “I’m a kid” just like what mySophia ðŸ‘§ðŸ» would say; and my mom was extremely busy enough to tell me sternly, “I’m your mom who’s telling you to finish that” as I would now to my daughter. She’s pretty consistent. Ha.


But as an adult, what’s your excuse? ⁉️

  • Have you signed up to a gym but never went?
    • I have several paid hip-hop sessions I never claimed, for crying out loud.
  • Do you have online photo-sharing, social profiles and blogs that you sometimes forget to update?
    • Mine is like our main bathroom light 💡 switch – always on and off. LOL.

Consistency is key.

“Consistency is key.”🔑 Now, who said this? Do I need to quote anyone?

Do you sometimes feel that being consistent is boring since it somehow lack variations? It’s like eating rainbow-colored 🌈 gummy bears with only one flavor. Yes?.. But hey, I know you get the idea so I’ll gummy-bear with you…

Rewire the brain 🧠 this year.

Oh, yeah!!! That’s probably be the best resolution for me. 🙌🏼

Do you have a NY resolution?
How are you doing?

Instead of saying there’s always next year, make it [your New Year’s resolution] happen this year!

LanceLonie, Editorial Note ( 7 of 7 ) : New Year’s Resolution A Musical Instrument
Young Mnimi girl, with a big white polka-dotted red bow on her head and matching skirt, holding her mini guitar that coordinates with her looks
Young Mnimi girl, with a big white-over-red polka-dot bow headband, a matching skirt and an accomplished smile, holding her mini guitar

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