April: national month of hope

April is the month of hope and your cool poem is just perfect to reblog, Nirant. Thanks for writing and sharing this! 😀

The poem zone

You were like…

The sun that shines on

Cold winter morning.

Like a rainbow drawn on

rainy skies,

That were grey & unpromising.

You were the…

The full moon painted on a

Pitch black night,

Like the stars that danced among

Each other across the sky,

Like the sun that sets after a tiring day,

And the sun that rises to mark a fresh start.

You were the promise of better,

You were a promise of Hope.




©The poem zone

All rights reserved !!

🎀 Happy Blogging 🎀

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Author: AboutMnimi

I'm a writer-photographer who wants to share all about memories. =)

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