Childhood memory: crayon art

I know the one that thinks differently, and sometimes criticized by others, is the one who is very imaginative and artistic. Way to go! 😊

Ryan Hughes

I have a distinct and distant memory of doing an elementary school assignment that involved using crayons to color code some sort of chart.

I got in a hurry so I misunderstood the instructions and put the colors in the wrong place. I remember my classmates chiding me and I felt embarrassed. The teacher told me to do it over, but I thought the colors looked good where I put them. I tried to color over what I had made, but crayon on crayon doesn’t work well at all so I had a messy color chart that didn’t make any sense to anyone except me.

Many years passed and I “forgot” about the incident. It came back to me when I was making these crayon drawings last week. (I found some crayons in a closet while staying at my parents house.) Part of me felt mad about the memory and…

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I'm a writer-photographer who wants to share all about memories. =)

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