4 quick sleep tips per Dr. Amen

These are 4 things I recall from Dr. Amen’s audiobook…

  • Refrain from drinking coffee or any caffeinated drinks (or food) after 1pm.
  • About an hour before sleep, dim the lights if possible or stay in a dark room to prepare yourself for snoozing.
  • Only go to bed when you are drowsy.  Otherwise, get up and do something relaxing until you feel your eyes heavy.
  • Keep a consistent sleep-wake cycle as much as possible, even during the weekends or non-working days.


Author: AboutMnimi

I'm a writer-photographer who wants to share all about memories. =)

9 thoughts on “4 quick sleep tips per Dr. Amen”

      1. Lately I have noticed even more how important it is because my schedule has been messed up so my normal sleep schedule isn’t what it should be! Hopefully things will be normal again soon. Have a great day!

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      2. I say, if you are looking forward to good changes and you’re doing your part to make those happen, then it will come to you. Have a good night sleep next time, Steve! 😊 😴 💤

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