Women’s History Month

Hooray for women! 👏🏼

The Wickeds

Jessie: In New Hampshire where the signs of spring are doing a great job of remaining hidden!

March is Women’s History Month and I for one could not be more pleased! I love real history, historical fiction and unapologetic tall tales, myths and legends. I love all of thoses things even more when they feature women.

For those of you as enamoured of the topic as I, here are a few things I’ve encountered lately.

In 1715 Sybilla Masters was the first American Colonist, regardless of gender, to have a patent granted on an invention. Unfortunately, at the time British law did not allow married women to receive patents in their own names. The patent was granted to her husband, Thomas Masters, with a mention of the credit for it going to Sybilla.

A jury in Barrington, MA, August, 1781 agreed with Elizabeth Freeman, an enslaved African American woman…

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