How to remember more easily using the memory palace technique [video]

The memory palace or mind palace is a mental place to store images enabling you to recall later. It is also called the method of loci or journey method because you can travel through it in your mind to retrieve what you visually input on those loci or locations.

Using a pen and paper or your mobile phone is great. It aids you in remembering things by simply writing or typing down grocery items, phone numbers and other stuff on a notepad to view later. But wouldn’t it be better to have your own virtual list, one that doesn’t require any tangibles nor electronics? Yes, your beautiful brain…

What is a memory palace?

The memory palace, also known as the mind palace, is a mental picture of a place where you can store images and that enables you to recall later. It has been used during the ancient times and even up to now, it still is a powerful mnemonic strategy that enables you to remember a list of things in particular order.

The method of loci

The memory palace is sometimes called the method of loci or journey method because you can travel through it in your mind to retrieve what you have visually put in those loci or locations.

How the memory palace technique works?

The Memory Palace Technique by Sprouts, on YouTube

The trick to remembering numbers, things and other facts using the memory palace is to perceive items in crazy, funny, out-of-this-world ways. Outrageous objects are what people tend not to forget, don’t you think?

Now, if you’re ready, let’s begin…

  • Define your own mind palace – one that is very familiar to you.
  • Close your eyes and concentrate.
  • Imagine yourself entering the first door.
  • Mentally place – an average of 7 items – strategically in each room. For example, starting with your living room, you put an apple on the tv, a banana on the sofa, a pear on the coffee table and so on and so forth…
  • Go to your next room and leave things around.
  • Keep going to the next room if you feel necessary.
  • When you’re done and it’s time to recall, just journey back to your memory palace and walk though the locations as you visualize the items.

Regarding no. 4 above, neuroscientists postulated that an average human brain can remember 5 to 9 things at a time. This is based on the Miller Law.

So, if you have 10 virtual rooms and left 7 things each, then you are possibly going to retrieve 77 things in order when you go back in there. Just imagine . . . if you have more than 10, 20 or 30, those amazingly multitude of mental locations become part of your enormous mind palace of memories. Chances are you will never forget important matters again. 🙂

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